Borivali is a western suburb of Mumbai. Most of the population of this area is second generation residents from rural and small India. It is one of the few areas in world, which serves national park within the city limits. Let’s talk about this national park in detail.


Borivali National Park, currently renowned as ‘Sanjay Gandhi National Park’, is a unique wildlife park located within the city limits of Mumbai. During the period of pre – independence, this park was known by the name ‘Krishnagiri Park’ and later it was named as ‘Borivali National Park’. After that, in 1990 the park was renamed as ‘Sanjay Gandhi National park’. It has become the most reputed national park, because it is visited by large number of travellers visiting India, and also it is the largest park in world within the city limits.


The park is decorated with varieties of flora and fauna, which attracts lots of tourists throughout the year, from all over the world. The Kanheri Caves of 2400 years old, lie within the premises of this park and also carved out the Rocky Mountains. The dense green forests i.e. Serene and the abundance of wild life are the unique identifying features of Borivali National Park. This Park has also become a natural habitat of insects, reptiles, mammals, butterflies and flowering plants too.


The forest enclosed within the Park, is an ideal dwelling place for many varieties of wild animals, which attracts numerous animals lovers. These wild animals include Bonnet and Rhesus Macaque, Indian Hare, Chital, Gray Lungur, deer, Sambar and may other varieties of animals. Tourist can also take a ride of a toy train, which is available in the Park itself. Nature and wild animal lovers really get motivated by the wild life offered by this Park. Undoubtedly this is a best tourist attraction nearby Mumbai to pay a worthy visit.


Borivali is fragmented into two segments East and West, like that of the other areas in Mumbai. Along with Sanjay Gandhi National Park, this suburb serves many other tourist attractions too. It is at a close proximity to Mumbai Airport, and also has a prominent educational complex. All these features make Borivali, one of the best suburbs to live. Hence, there is great demand for comfortable hotels in this area, by the travellers.





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