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Among the various colorful feasts and festivals of India, Goa add one more colorful and wonderful festival i.e. Goa Carnival. This festival is celebrated in very large scale it is the most eagerly awaited. This beautiful festival was introduced by the Portuguese, as they ruled Goa for five hundred year.


This festival is celebrated for three day in February month. It is primarily celebrated by Christians; as most of the population of Goa is Christians. At first it was only celebrated by the local people only, but now day’s people from different states and country come to Goa to celebrate this festival.

Festival at Goa:

During Goa Carnivals all the streets and corners of the Goa comes alive with different colors. It is held in mid February and goes on till week long celebration. Live processions, people in different costumes dance gracefully, with colorful mascots and the strumming of guitars and music add joy to this festival.


It is one of the famous Indian carnivals, which is popular all over the world. During this many people visit Goa. As it is one of the best times to visit this wonderful land of beautiful beaches.  During this festival all the accommodation options are sell out and it is also a peak season as per the tourism point of view. So it would be better to book hotels in advance if you are visit Goa during these months. To know more about hotels in Goa click on the given link below:

Big parades are prearranged throughout the states with colorful lights, bands, all night on streets and grand ball parties are held in the evenings to get together.


It is only celebrated in Goa nowhere else in India. It is also one of the main reasons in the popularity of the Goa tourism. Due to this thousand of tourists visit Goa every year.

So plan a wonderful holiday with your family and friends and enjoy some cherish moments for life time.


About Shirdi

Shirdi is a home town of Shir Sadguru Sainath Maharaj. He is popularly known as Shir Sai Baba. It is situated in the Rahata Taluka of Ahmednagar District at Maharashtra state.  It is a small town with a population of around 26,169 as per the rocords of 2001 census. It sees lot of floating population as many devotees come to Shirdi every year. Due to so many devotees, visitor, travellers it has well developed hospitality industry. This city has all the best facilities to make your stay comfortable. So for Shirdi hotels booking the sites are always busy.



One of the famous Indian saint popularly known as Shri Saibaba, has come to Shirdi at the age of 16 and started staying in the city till his death. When he was alive he stayed in the mosque and after his death he was cremated in the temple. Till now nobody knows his real name, date of birth or birth place. He has great admiration for both Hindu and Muslim community. He has given many Indian Spiritual names like guru, fakir, baba, Saibaba and many more. This small town is visited by lot of devotees form all over the world.



In India, Shirdi is the only city which is purely dedicated to Shir Sai Baba.  The mosque in which Shir Sai Baba have lived, has a life size portrait of him by Shama Roa Javkar, who is an artist from Mumbai. Numerous other monuments and statues are also depicting Sai Baba. In India it is common to find Sai Baba temple at any city. Every big and small city or town has at least one temple, which is totally devoted to Sai Baba. There are also many temples located outside India, in countries like United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia, Pakistan, Kenya, Netherlands, Cuba and many more.



There are three main festivals which are celebrated in a grand way at Shirdi. These are Ramnavami, Gurupurima & Vijayadashmi. During these festival large numbers of devotees visit this city.

Vijayadashmi: Vijayadashmi is a biggest festival in Shirdi, which is celebrated on the day when Shir Sai Baba left his body for a life of immortality. It is also known as Shir Sai Punyathithi, which attracts people to visit this city from many different places. Many different religious activities are organized and during this festival a grand “Brahman Bhojan “is arranged. You can also give Dakashina (Donation to Guru) or to the common people. This festival comes during the month of October.

Ramnavami: Ramnavami is one of the most important festival celebrated in the month of March/April with lot of excitement. It is said that, in the year 1897 Gopla Rao Gund determined to hold in a Urus in the name of Shir Sai Baba as gratitude towards the blessing of becoming father after so many childless years. This festival shows the communal unity, which wipes all differences of different faiths.

Gurupurnima: Gurupurnima or Full Moon is a great time to visit Shirdi. It is a time to honour the Guru and had a special blessing. For this festival devotees from all over the world gather in Shirdi to seek the blessing of Shir Sai Baba. A Vyasa Puja is also held, in the honour of Ved Vyasa who wrote the famous epic Mahabharata.

shirdi sai baba

So visit Shirdi during these months, with your whole family, to make your visit more spiritual and memorable.