Among the various colorful feasts and festivals of India, Goa add one more colorful and wonderful festival i.e. Goa Carnival. This festival is celebrated in very large scale it is the most eagerly awaited. This beautiful festival was introduced by the Portuguese, as they ruled Goa for five hundred year.


This festival is celebrated for three day in February month. It is primarily celebrated by Christians; as most of the population of Goa is Christians. At first it was only celebrated by the local people only, but now day’s people from different states and country come to Goa to celebrate this festival.

Festival at Goa:

During Goa Carnivals all the streets and corners of the Goa comes alive with different colors. It is held in mid February and goes on till week long celebration. Live processions, people in different costumes dance gracefully, with colorful mascots and the strumming of guitars and music add joy to this festival.


It is one of the famous Indian carnivals, which is popular all over the world. During this many people visit Goa. As it is one of the best times to visit this wonderful land of beautiful beaches.  During this festival all the accommodation options are sell out and it is also a peak season as per the tourism point of view. So it would be better to book hotels in advance if you are visit Goa during these months. To know more about hotels in Goa click on the given link below:

Big parades are prearranged throughout the states with colorful lights, bands, all night on streets and grand ball parties are held in the evenings to get together.


It is only celebrated in Goa nowhere else in India. It is also one of the main reasons in the popularity of the Goa tourism. Due to this thousand of tourists visit Goa every year.

So plan a wonderful holiday with your family and friends and enjoy some cherish moments for life time.


Ooty- Rose Garden

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Ooty is a small town, located in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is also the district capital of the Nilgiris district. It is a popular hill station situated in Nilgiri hills in south India. Many tourists visit this wonderful hill station to explore its historic sites and natural beauty. The whole economy of this beautiful hill station is based upon tourism and agriculture.

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You can easily reach Ooty from Coimbatore as it is just 80 km away and the Coimbatore airport is also an easy mood of transportation to reach Ooty. This small hill station is connected to the rest of the India by road and rail directly.


One of the best places to visit in Ooty is the Government Rose Garden. As Ooty has a unique tropical climate, which is an ideal climatic for the roses gardening. It is formerly known by many different names such as Jayalalithaa Rose Garden, Nootrandu Roja and Centerary Rose Park. It is the biggest rose garden of India. It is located on the slopes of Elk Hill in Vijayanagaram of Ooty town in Tamil Nadu. It is situated at the height of 2200 meters above sea level.


This garden is well organized in five curving terraces, which covers at least four hectares of land. This beautiful garden is maintained by the Tamil Nadu Horticulture Department. Generally variation in climate is very rare and the monsoon id also moderate, which is good for this garden and the flowering season, is long enough to enjoy. Rose Garden is visited by many tourists every year to enjoy this beautiful season. When the winter season is their there are not many flowers to see but tourist like to traveler.


Many travelers like to stay near this wonderful garden during their trip. To know more about hotels in Ooty near Rose Garden click on the link below:


Plan a wonderful vacation with your family and friends to this beautiful hill station. It would be surely an wonderful experience for life time.

Ratnagiri is a district with many popular holiday and tourist destinations to visit with your family and friends. At the same time it is also famous for its beautiful beaches. It has glorious history to explore; there are many prominent historical forts, temples, and many archaeological sites in Ratnagiri.


Tourist Places in Ratnagiri

There is a lot to see and experience in Ratnagiri however the beaches in Ratnagiri dominate all other tourist attractions in Ratnagiri. Some of them are given below:

• Ganpatipule beach: Ganpatipule beach is very famous family picnic spot; it is situated at a distance of 26 kms from Ratnagiri. This beach offer series of beaches and many popular vantage points. You will get a stunning view of the Arabian Sea. Swayambhu Ganpati temple, which is located near the Ganapatipule beach, it is the most important attraction of Ganapatipule.


• Mandvi beach: It is the most popular beach in Ratnagiri. It is a black sand beach; Mandvi houses the Ratnadurga fort to its west. Both Mandvi beach Ratnadurga fort this main tourist attraction forms a wonderful combination for tourist destination in Ratnagiri. You can say it is great place to hang-out with your friends& family.


• Pawas beach: Pawas beach is 20 Kms on opposite sides is great picnic spots near Ratnagiri.


• Aare-Waare beach: This twin beaches is popular for its beautiful sunset. Many tourist come to this beach to witness the wonderful sunset. It has one more specialty to admire, as it is surrounded by the sea on three sides of the beach.


Some of the other attractions of Ratnagiri are:

• Panhalekaji

• Patit Pavan Mandir

• Marleshwar

• Ratnadurga Fort

• Thibaw Palace

• Jaigad Fort

To explore all the wonderful places which are given above, plan a trip with your family and friends. It is surely be one of the memorable holidays of yours.

Hyderabad is a perfect mixture of old world charm and with new modern technology. It is the capital and the biggest city of the Southern state of India, Andhra Pradesh. It has been ruled by different rulers like Mughals, Qutub Shahis, and Nizams, which have shaped the beautiful and rich history of Hyderabad. It is renowned as “The City of Pearls”, in Olden days; you can still find many historical and traditional bazaars, which are located around the city.

Tourism sector plays an important role in the economy of Hyderabad. You will always witness travel expo or tourism related fairs on regular bases in the city. This city is recognized for its monuments which include the magnificent masterpiece like Charminar and Golconda fort. It has many masjids, churches and temples in the city.


Hyderabad houses good numbers of historical monuments within the city and as well as outer sides of the city. Some of the famous historical sites including Charminar, Chowmahalla Palace, Salar Jung Museum as well as many other art galleries , sports complexes and theatres. Some of the main tourist attractions of Hyderabad city are given below in categories wise:

Historical Monuments:

• Mecca Masjid: This Mosque is very famous throughout India; it was built 400 years back during the supremacy of Sultan Muhammad Qutub Shah, the 6th Qutub Shahi Sultan of Hyderabad.


• Charminar: Charminar is a major and most famous landmark of Hyderabad.


• Golconda Fort: This Fort is one of the most outstanding fortresses in India; it is one of the strongest forts in India.


• Qutb Shahi Tombs: This tomb is dedicated to Rulers of Qutub Shahi dynasty. Its artihe tech


• Salar Jung Museum: It is among the world largest private collection museum


• Chowmahalla Palace: UNESCO Asia Pacific Heritage site of the Chowmahalla Palace.


Parks and Gardens:

• Nehru zoological park: This zoo is a natural habitat for different type of species, animals, birds, nocturnal species, amphibian and aquatic species.


• NTR Gardens: This wonderful leisure spot is situated beside the IMAX theatre. It is located beside the land adjoining near Hussain sagar, it is a happening to hang out with your family and friends.

Image• Lotus Pond: Lotus pond Garden is situated in Jubilee hills; it is also home to a few rare species of birds.


To visit all the amazing places of Hyderabad city, plan a wonderful vacation with your family and friends.

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Goa is the most wonderful place for a magnificent holiday with family and friends. It is the smallest state of India. Goa has a prosperous and diverse history to explore. People of Goa are very kind and they respect all the religions. Goa houses many famous churches and temples and with the people of various faith living together in harmoniously. Goa is a full holiday package as it has everything to explore. It is must visit place to experience a best holiday of your lifetime.

Some of the places in and around Goa are given below:



Goa has crescent beaches which look like the new moon. Goa’s beaches are well known all over the world. Bounded by palm and coconut trees, it is blessed with 103 km of coastline with the most delightful beaches lapped by the wonderful Arabian Sea. Best part is that almost all the beaches are swimmer friendly, still for precaution there are lifeguards on all the popular beaches. It is very hard to select a perfect beach for staying during your vacation to enjoy the most. Some of them are mention below:

• Calangute

• Baga

• Anjuna

• Candolim

• Miramar

• Colva



Goa was once the administrative capital of the Portuguese empire. Due to so much contact and influence of Christianity, Old Goa is blessed with many numbers of churches, convent and chapels. With unmatched architectural beauty, it is also entitled as ‘Golden Goa’ or ‘Rome of the East’. Some of the churches are given below:

• Basilica Of BomJesus.

• Old GoaChurch Of Mae De Deus.

• Saligao.

• Bardez Chapel and Tomb of St. Francis XavierShrine Of The Holy Cross.

• Bambolim Church Of St. Francis Of Assisi, Old Goa Holy Spirit Church.

• Margao Chapel of St. Catherine, Old Goa Our Lady Of Grace Church.

• MargaoSt. Cajetan Church.

• Old Goa Our Lady Of Rosary Church.

• Navelim Mary Immaculate Conception Church.

• PanjimChurch Of Rachol,

• Margao Reis Magos Church.

• BardezSt. Jerome Church.

• Mapusa.

Wildlife Sanctuary:


Goa has four wildlife sanctuaries for tourists who like to explore nature and wildlife. You will find different kind of flora and fauna; it also houses many animals and birds.

• Bhagvan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary and Mollem National Park

• Bondla Forest

• Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary

• Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

So plan a vacation with your family and friends to this wonderful place for a mind-blowing vacation.

Ratnagiri is the very beautiful city which is also known as port city. It is located in the Konkan region i.e.. Western coast of an Arabian sea of Maharashtra. As the city is famous for the cultivation of Alphonso mangoes, many mango lovers visit this marvellous place from all around the world.


Ratnagiri is also entitled as the Lake District of Maharashtra because it contains numerous lakes and beaches. Its pleasant climate and picturesque beauty attracts both domestic and international tourists. Presence of the Sahyadris and Arabian Sea makes Ratnagiri supernatural and one of the favourite tourist destination in India.


We can feel the difference in air, when we entered Ratnagiri. The chilling atmosphere, unspoilt forest, beautiful calm beaches makes you fill refreshing and stress free. Most of the people visit Ratnagiri to feel the nature. The lush green coconut trees, unspoilt beaches and eye-catching greenery made it one of the most famous destinations in the Maharashtra.


Points of Attraction in Ratnagiri.

  • Places Of Devotion: Ganpatipule, Hedvi, Parshuram [Chiplun], Hatis, Velneshwar, and Rajapur
  • Rock Shelter: Sangameshwar, Panhalekazi
  • Sea Banks: Kelshi, Guhaghar, Murud, Palshet, Velneshwar, Harne, Purnagad and Ganpatipule
  • Birth Place Of Prominent Personalities:Malgund, Ratnagiri, Palgad, Dapoli
  • Forts: Bankot, Ambolgad, Mandangad, Ratnadurg, Jaigad, Mahipatgad
  • Water Falls: Parshuram, Marleshwar, Prachitgad, Unhavare, Tural, Aravali.

This stunning city is gifted with the majestic hills, pretty seashore, creeks, beautiful rivers, hot water springs and waterfalls apart from the ancient forts and monuments. Situated on the coastal belt, Ratnagiri is blessed with virgin beaches that offer the fantastic sight of an ancient fort overlooking the harbour besides its silvery sands.


Apart from all these above destinations, Ratnagiri is famous for the production of Juicy Alphonso mangoes, coconut and cashew nut and many more fruits. All these plus points of Ratnagiri are leading to increase the demand of hotels and lodges in Ratnagiri.

India’s National Tiger Conservation Authority has organized one meeting to get a decision regarding a total ban on ‘Tiger Safari In India’ and also plans to phase out all 37 tiger reserves in India. The reason behind this strict decision is the continuous decline in the percentage of tigers in India. By such ban they hope of stemming the decline of the endangered tiger populations.

From many centuries global explorers and nature enthusiasts have travelled throughout the jungles of India in hopes of spotting a Bengal tiger in the wild.  In the early 1900’s, the estimated population of Tigers was 40,000, which is now declined to just 1,350. It indicates a danger of falling below a sustainable population.


Authorized Tiger Safaris are even failed to protect the population of tigers, while attempting tourists to bring ever closer to their natural habitat. Multiple Safari lodges and resorts have been built in Eco sensitive areas, some of these block restricts the tiger’s traditional migratory routes.  Due to the excitement of tourist in watching the most exotic creature of world ‘The Tigers’, they prefer to go for an exciting tiger safari, but ever growing number of tours have resulted in tigers being herded by elephants at the time of Safari on the back of Elephants. Whereas, in case of safari via jeeps a problem of traffic jams may arise with photo snapping tourists.  Worst case among all this is that, poachers have continuously raided and killed tigers, which guarantees the eventual extinction of tigers in India.


Global explorers and government are hoping that by taking this drastic decision of banning tiger sightseeing tours will help to repopulate the habitat of majestic Indian tiger. But it is still not confirm that, whether the poachers will be able divert once attention to take away tourists from the tiger’s territory.  The biggest loss behind this ban is that, dozens of travel companies and their employees will suffer from some decline.  This is indeed a most tentative and dangerous time for Tiger population in India, so here we are hoping India can stabilize this population and prevent them eventuality when the only tigers that can be seen are in a zoo!